NAW Plumbing Derby Services will fit anything from a single tap, repair your burst pipes, upgrade your old lead pipes to copper or plastic pipes. Kitchens and Bathrooms installation upon request. Not happy with the state your current Kitchen or Bathroom is in at the moment, why not give us a call or send us an email text or on Facebook and Twitter and we will get in touch ASAP.

We also supply and installs new central heating systems and does also upgrades to your existing systems as well. We can Flush your existing system to get rid of all black sludge and rust debris thus making the heating system more efficient which will save you money each year.

Sludge and rust builds up naturally in all central heating systems producing a black sludge which after a while will clog up your system making it inefficient. One way to combat such problem is to have your Central Heating System Power Flush and install a Magnetic filter which will collect all black iron oxide in your heating system. The Filter can be remove annually then wash off under a tap and then put back again. Whatever the need is we can supply or fit only whichever you prefer.

General Plumbing

Power Flushing

Bathroom Suites

Vented and Unvented Hot Water Systems